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Created in 2009 Martial Arts Entertainment  Magazine has become the # 1 Martial Arts and
 Entertainment Media Resource in the United States and around the Globe. Designed with an
 entertainment flair Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine services the movie, stunt, acting
  and martial arts business, sport and MMA communities with articles and featured stories on
 Martial Arts Legends, Celebrities & Stars, World Event News, Martial Arts Businesses,
 Products, and Nutrition Facts.

 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine has been proud to cover stories on Celebrities and
 Legends such as actor, producer, and stunt coordinator Grandmaster Kim Kahana, kick boxing
 legend and star in over 29 martial arts films Don "The Dragon" Wilson, martial arts actor and
 fighting champion Bob Wall best known for his role in "Enter The Dragon" with Bruce Lee, "The
 God Father of Grappling" and famous stunt actor Gene LeBell, Action Martial Arts Magazine's
 "Hall of Honors" promoter Sifu Alan Goldberg, Martial Arts Actor James Hong, "The Father of
 American Shoot Fighting" Bart Vale, Battle of Atlanta Promoter and " Black Belt with a Mission"
 Joe Corley, and the list goes on.

 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine has covered many top event in the country to include:
 Mike Sawyer & Mike McCoy's US Open ISKA World Championships in Orlando, FL, Joe
 Corley's Battle of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, Bart Vale's USC Shoot Fighting Bouts in Florida City,
 FL, Alan Goldberg's Action Martial Arts Magazine's "Hall of Honors" in Atlantic City, NJ, Manny
 Reyes Sr.'s Pan American Internationals in Miami, FL, Gotham Classic in New York City, NY,
 IIMAA Training Conference in Orlando, FL, Rob Hartman's World Wide Martial Arts Festival in
 Orlando, FL, just to name a few.

 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine also takes pride in recognizing some of the top martial
 arts businesses, products and services in our industry today including special reports and
 articles on the latest news and events, and much, much more!

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